Anti-virus and spam filtering

Anti-virus & spam filtering

Overwhelmed by spam; worried about viruses?

Spam, malware and virus intrusions cost firms billions each year in clean-ups, wasted time and unnecessary bandwidth. Both large organisations and small companies cannot keep up with increasingly sophisticated spam campaigns, phishing attempts and time-wasting or dangerous junk emails.

Scanned before it reaches your mailbox

Positioned between the Internet and your network, Safeserve filter spam and prevent malware from reaching your email servers or mail clients.

The hassle free solution
  • Zero-hour advanced malware defence, together with multiple anti-virus engines updated continuously
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Every email scanned by over 100 independent tests
  • Combination of recognised third-party tools and bespoke developed applications gives the best balance between reliability and innovation
  • Using a points-based scoring system and a wide variety of different tests encompassing technical aspects, email content and sender reputation, minimises the chance of false positives or rogue rules causing problems
  • We monitor all our traffic daily and tweak our systems to ensure that they are always providing the best service possible
Email you can rely on – Safeserve make it easy

Whether you are a technophobe or an IT support professional helping your clients, Safeserve take pride in making it easy.

We take care of all the technical stuff from registering your domain name to bespoke email requirements.