Email archiving and tracking

Email archiving & tracking

Lost or inaccessible emails can be costly

Regulations require UK, EU and US companies to create email retention policies to mitigate risk and meet compliance standards.

The Safeserve solution

With Safeserve all incoming and outgoing email is indexed, encrypted and stored in a secure offsite archive. The service is always ‘on’ and protection is 24/7 so there’s no need to worry should disaster strike.

We also log every transaction our server makes to provide records of email delivery and receipt for legal and commercial purposes. If somebody claims to have sent you an email that never arrived, or claims that they never received an email you sent then we can help to find out the truth.

All part of the service
  • Complete message archiving of incoming and outgoing email for up to 10 years for your entire company as a standard part of all Safeserve’s email packages
  • Managed service convenience – Safeserve look after the management of everything
  • Messages can be retrieved at any time
  • Safeserve archives your messages on reception not on delivery, so everything is archived even if your in-house mail system is down or your office loses connectivity
Email is the lifeblood of your business, but what if it ever failed you?

Are you sure your email is secure?

Can your existing setup cope when the workload doubles?

Is someone actively filtering out the spam?

If you delete emails in haste, can you repent at leisure and retrieve them from a failsafe archive?

Can you send huge files without clogging up the works?

With Safeserve, it’s ‘yes’ to all.