Secure business email

Secure business email

For Exchange or Small Business Server

Comprehensive security for your email even before it reaches your server ensures your employees never waste time removing infected emails and filtering spam.

Safeserve’s email expertise ensures email destined for your in-house servers arrives virus free and spam filtered. Not only that, but all incoming and outgoing mail to and from your servers is archived for up to 10 years, and your own disclaimer can be added to all outgoing email.

Cost considerations

SMTP mail gateway – SMTP mail relay

Safeserve provides incoming and outgoing SMTP email relay servers or ‘smart host’ for your mail servers with support for all major mail server applications and mail transfer agents (MTAs).

The advantages over other ISPs or using your own SMTP server include increased deliverability, less risk of being blacklisted, incoming and outgoing virus and spam filters, and archiving as standard.

Key Points

  • Full SMTP gateway service
  • Simplifies in-house infrastructure
  • RFC compliance for reliable delivery
  • Secure boundary connections
  • Anti-virus & spam protection
  • All email archived
  • Optional signature/disclaimers


Regarding our email and website services, as an SME we wanted to work with a similar type of organisation that was committed to similar values and high standards...

Marianne Hiley, Whitmuir Development
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