Business Telephone Systems

Defining the way telephony benefits your business

Making the right choice can vastly improve your communications, your productivity, transform your caller experience, help you manage capacity more flexibly and deliver significant cost savings.

At Safeserve, the client comes first. We work with all our clients to help them improve their business performance while reducing their IT and communications costs. Our experience with computer network connectivity and telephone networking enables us to converge new services and hardware seamlessly.

What’s the best system for you?

After extensive market research, Safeserve chose to work with two market leading full IP-based office systems, Draytek Vigor for small businesses and Splicecom for larger, more complex requirements.

We can provide these systems in their entirety, including the support and maintenance. Both systems are fully functional and don’t require you to have any existing infrastructure, however if you do they can work with it.

Alternatively we are happy to provide the parts you need to blend in with your existing setup. If you already have an internal system, but are looking to reduce your costs or increase the flexibility of your system by moving away from ISDN, then look at our business VoIP service section. If you are looking to upgrade your existing system or any part thereof, or you’re a small business looking to get your first professional solution, then check out our two IP PBX offerings: Draytek Vigor and Splicecom.

Draytek VigorSplicecom
IP PBX Integrated into routerSeparate 1u IP PBX server
Simpler HandsetsRange of full featured handsets
Up to 30 simultaneous callsUp to 1,000 simultaneous calls
Integrates up to 2 ISDN2e linesIntegrates ISDN2e & PRI
Up to 100 extensionsUp to 100,000 extensions
Simple voicemail-to-emailHighly flexible voicemail-to-email
Simple auto-attendantMulti-layer auto-attendant
Out of hours call forwardingFlexible on-demand call forwarding
Static user/phone relationshipMulti-site hot desk compatible
So why Safeserve?

With a dedication to service excellence, our technical expertise and a highly experienced team, we are able to deliver and fully support organisations extremely cost effectively. We pride ourselves on being able to look after the full range of your business telephone needs allowing you to focus on what is important – your business! To learn more about how Safeserve’s Business Telephone services can help your organisation, contact us...


Recently we replaced our many BT landlines with a Splicecom phone system installed by Safeserve. Now calls can be put through to wherever the person they want is located – in the office, working from home or even to a mobile – without delay.

Derek Robinson, Director, Trilateral Group
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What is an IP PBX?

The traditional office PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a phone system that uses multiple phone extensions and connects them to the outside world over multiple dedicated fixed analogue or digital (ISDN) telephone lines.

An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) system uses your existing computer network to connect IP phones within the office environment. IP phones can be placed anywhere in your office or remotely around the world, to provide one seamless phone network for your business. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can have an extension on your PBX.

Safeserve offer two IP PBX systems, one suitable for small offices or large homes (Draytek Vigor); the other for larger offices or those with more demanding requirements (Splicecom).