Domain Registration

Reliable domain and DNS hosting

Reliable domain and DNS hosting

Safeserve registers and manages domain names, and hosts them on our own DNS (Domain Name Service) servers.

Having decided on your domain name, we can check whether it is available or has already been registered and then help you to register it.

DNS hosting

Thanks to DNS servers we surf the internet using names such as “” instead of impossible to remember IP addresses. DNS servers translate these domain names into the machine readable IP addresses needed to locate the requested server on the internet.

At Safeserve we run and maintain our own DNS servers for the benefit of our clients – we can instantly create or alter records for any domain handling email, web sites, external office access, or any other special purpose.

Domain aliasing

A domain alias is an alternative name for an internet domain. The name of a user’s domain appears after the @ symbol in his or her email address so by adding a domain alias, you give every user in your domain a second email address. For example, if your domain is “” and you add “” as a domain alias, every “” will also receive mail addressed to “”. Also anyone browsing “” would be redirected to “”.

Key Points

  • Single point of contact for all services
  • Own domain servers
  • Hassle free administration
  • Talk to people, not machines
  • Automatic domain renewal
  • Flexible sub-domain options

Choosing your domain name

There are three aspects to choosing a domain name:

  • The choice of Top Level Domain (TLD) – such as .com, .net, .org, or geographic TLDs such as .uk, .fr, .de, etc.
  • The choice of Second Level Domain if applicable – such as,, or
  • The name itself – such as

Other people’s rights

When you register a domain name, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions relevant to the TLD, which are separate to the contract with Safeserve.

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